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Perge, Aspendos, Side and Waterfall Tour from Antalya Hotels or Cruise Port

Discover the remarkable city of Perge, an ancient gem boasting a plethora of historical wonders. As the capital of Pamphylia, Perge offers a captivating journey through time. Delve into its rich heritage as you explore the magnificent Stadium, Roman Gate, Nymphaeum, Roman Bath, Hellenistic Gate, Colonnaded Main Street, and the Agora. The city’s beautiful colonnaded streets, alongside its well-preserved theater and Roman stadium, provide a mesmerizing glimpse into the past. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Perge and witness the architectural marvels that once defined this esteemed capital.

Prepare to be awe-struck by the enchanting Aspendos, renowned for its exceptionally preserved theater. Constructed in the 2nd century A.D., this ancient marvel continues to captivate visitors with its grandeur. Boasting a seating capacity of 15,000 people, the theater still serves as a venue for festivals and music concerts today. As you explore Aspendos, you’ll also encounter other remnants of its glorious past, including the Stadion, aqueducts, baths, temples, and city walls. Each step you take within the boundaries of this remarkable city of Pamphylia unravels its historical splendor.

Step into history at Side, one of Turkey’s finest classical ancient cities. Once a bustling port city and home to the region’s largest slave market, Side flourished during the Roman era, leaving behind a legacy of impressive architectural achievements. Marvel at the grandeur of the expansive Theatre, Roman Baths, and the Temple of Apollo, testaments to Side’s rich Roman heritage. Explore the remnants of a bygone era and witness the remnants of a vibrant past in this captivating coastal city.

As your journey draws to a close, you’ll have the opportunity to visit a magnificent waterfall, depending on the time of year. Nature’s wonders await at either the Kursunlu Waterfall or the Manavgat Waterfall, both offering breathtaking scenery and a refreshing oasis amidst your historical exploration.

Tour Program

  • Start your adventure as we greet you upon your arrival at Antalya Hotels or Antalya Cruise Port. Our first stop takes us to the captivating Perge antique city, where you’ll immerse yourself in ancient history and explore its remarkable ruins.
  • Continuing our journey, we’ll visit the renowned Aspendos antique city, known for its magnificent theater and other fascinating remnants. Afterward, we’ll head to the impressive ruins of Side antique city, where you can discover the remnants of a vibrant past.
  • Take a delightful break and indulge in a delicious lunch at a local Turkish restaurant, savoring the authentic flavors of the region.
  • Enjoy the amazing sight of Apollon Temple of Side and more.
  • On our way back, get ready to be mesmerized by the sight of a picturesque waterfall, adding a touch of natural beauty to your day. Depending on the season, you’ll have the opportunity to witness either the Kursunlu Waterfall or the Manavgat Waterfall.
  • As our tour comes to a close, we’ll ensure your comfort and convenience by transferring you back to either Antalya Cruise Port or the Marina of Antalya.

PS: This tour can be organised according to your ship’s arrival and departure times. So please let us know about the schedule of the ship.

What’s Included?

• Entrance fees of Perge, Aspendos and Side
• Hotel Pick up & Drop off
• Professional tour guide
• Lunch at a local restaurant

What’s Not Included?

• Personal expenses
• Tips
• Drinks on lunch.

Private & Regular Tour

PLease Ask for Prices…

Departure: Everyday all year round
Duration: 8 hours
Route: Perge, Aspendos, Side, Waterfall


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