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Sirince, located just a few kilometers away from Selcuk, is a charming village with a rich history. Originally known as Kirkinca, its name underwent several changes over time, evolving into Kirkince, Cirkince, and eventually Sirince. This village carries a unique blend of Greek and Turkish influences, although the Greek population of the village relocated to Greece in 1922 as part of the population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

Sirince boasts a remarkable historical heritage, with the remnants of 42 churches scattered in and around the village. Recognizing its significance, the area has received government protection. Particularly noteworthy are the two churches located in the village center, which are exceptionally well-preserved and maintained.

One of the intriguing aspects of Sirince’s history is its connection to Virgin Mary. According to historical accounts from the 3rd General Council meeting on the principles of Christianity in 431 AD, it was suggested that Virgin Mary was buried in Sirince. Legend has it that during her time residing in Ephesus, the people of Sirince secretly provided her with supplies. It is believed that after her passing, they brought her to Sirince and laid her to rest in a cave. However, the veracity of this claim remains unverified.

Apart from its historical and cultural significance, Sirince is renowned for its natural products, including olive oil and fruit wines. The village’s fertile lands yield high-quality olives, which are carefully pressed to produce exceptional olive oil. Additionally, Sirince is celebrated for its delicious fruit wines, made from a variety of fruits grown in the region. These natural products have become synonymous with the village and attract visitors seeking a taste of its distinctive flavors.

With its captivating history, well-preserved churches, and delightful local products, Sirince offers a truly enriching experience for those who venture to this picturesque village nestled in the Turkish countryside.

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