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Ephesus - House Of Virgin Mary
Ephesus - House Of Virgin Mary

Ephesus Tour from Izmir Hotels / Izmir Airport

Ephesus Ancient City, one of the twelve cities of the Ionian League during the Classical Greek Era, held significant prominence in the ancient world. Serving as a bustling harbor city, it boasted a large agora and a thriving commercial bazaar. Notably, it is referenced in the book of Revelations as one of the seven churches. Ephesus held deep religious significance for Christians, with connections to Virgin Mary, Saint Paul, and Saint John the Evangelist. Today, Ephesus remains the most visited ancient city in Turkey.

The Temple of Artemis, renowned as the first marble temple in the ancient world, achieved fame as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World due to its immense size. However, only a solitary column stands as a remnant of its once-beautiful structure. Ravaged by destruction throughout history, its significance waned as Christian rule prevailed in the region. Ephesus, once a city revered for its association with divine femininity, held the Temple of Artemis as its most sacred site.

Situated at the foothills of Bulbul Mountain in Selcuk, the House of Virgin Mary is a revered shrine for both Catholics and Muslims. Discovered by Lazarist priests following the description provided by a Catholic nun in Germany, the house is believed to be the place where Mother Mary lived before her passing. In 1951, Pope Pius XII visited the house, bestowing upon it the status of a Holy Place. Since then, the House of Virgin Mary has become a significant pilgrimage destination for Catholics worldwide.

Ephesus Tour Program

  • Upon your arrival at Izmir City Hotels or Izmir Airport, we will be there to greet you and embark on our journey to Selcuk city. The drive to Selcuk takes approximately one hour each way.
  • Our first stop will be the renowned Virgin Mary’s House, a site of great significance.
  • After exploring the historical marvel of Virgin Mary’s House, we will continue our tour by visiting the magnificent Ephesus Ancient City. This iconic site encompasses several notable attractions, including the esteemed Celsus Library, the grand Great Theater, the impressive Temple of Hadrian, the captivating fountain of Trajan, the majestic Hercules Gate, the revered Domitian Temple, and more.
  •  A delightful Turkish culinary experience awaits us as we pause for a delicious lunch at a local Turkish restaurant.
  •  On our return journey, we will make a stop at the enchanting Artemis Temple, adding another layer of historical exploration to our itinerary.
  • As the tour concludes, you will be transferred back to your accommodation in Izmir Hotels or Izmir Airport, ensuring a convenient and comfortable end to our memorable adventure.

Recommendationes for Ephesus Tour

• Outfits to protect from sun.
• Comfortable walking shoes for uneven and cobblestone walking routes.

PS: “This tour can be organised according to your flights arrival and departure time. We would like you to have the best experience on your vacations. Flights are available between the touristic destinations at all times. In order not to be too early or late to the tours please contact us before purchasing your flight tickets about destinations and departure times.”

What’s Included?

• Entrance fees of Ephesus Ancient City & Virgin Mary’s House and Temple of Artemis
• Pick up & Drop off to Izmir
• Professional Tour Guide
• Lunch at a local restaurant

What’s Not Included?

• Personal expenses
• Tips (optional)
• Drinks on lunch
• Entrance fee of Terrace Houses

Private & Regular Tour

Starting From  €85

Departure: Everyday all year round
Duration: 6-8 hours
Route: House of Mother Mary, Ephesus Ancient City, Temple of Artemis.


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