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Trojan Horse

Troy is an Ionian ancient city on the north east part of Asia Minor. It was built by Hittites. The first name given this place was Wilusa or Truwisa but it is known best with the name of Troy. Famous ancient historian and writer Homer told about the Trojan War in his in is epic poems Iliad and Odyssey than it became one of the most popular subject in Greek Drama.

According to Homer, Agamemnon was the most powerful king of Greece. His residence was in Mycenae.He was married with the daughter of Tyndareus of Sparta, Clytemnestra. And his brother, Menelaos, married her sister, Helen. Helen was the most beautiful woman in the world. Soon Menelaos became the king of Lakonia.

In Troy, Laemedon was the king of Ilios. But he tried to cheat the gods and Herakles attacked the city and killed Laemedon the son of Ilus. His youngest son Podarces was released and given the name Prim. He ruled Troy for three generations. He had fifty sons and twelve daughters. His sons Hector and Paris were important in the history of Troy.

One day the goddess of discord Eris throw an apple down for the fairest women in the world at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Zeus couldn’t decide between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite and he proclaimed that as the most beautiful man alive, Paris, prince of Troy will be the judge. The goddesses went to Month Ida to see Paris. Hera offered him Lordship of all Asia, Athena offered him victory and wisdom and Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful woman in the world. He gave the apple to Aphrodite, than he went to Athens and fall in love with Helen. He kidnapped Helen and sailed to Troy. Some sources says Helen ran away with him with a significant amount of treasury from her husbands stocks. When Menelaus learned that Paris took his wife to Troy, he gathered and army with great warriors like Achilles, Odyssey and Ajax and sailed to Troy. Homer focuses on a last battle between Greeks and Trojans. Hector killed Patroclus, the best friend of Achilles then got killed by Achilles in a single combat. Paris killed Achilles, the mighty warrior, by shooting an arrow in his heel. Ajax commited suicide by a silver sword. Then Paris got killed by Philoktetes but Troyans refused to give Helen back to Greeks. So Greeks made famous Trojan Horse, the large wooden horse. They hid their best warriors inside the horse and left the horse in front of city as a thank to Athena. Trojans took the horse inside the city and in the night Greek warriors got out and captured the city. They killed every single man in city. None of the male left alive. The Greeks took Helen and went back to Greece but this brought them more bad luck. They split up on their way to Athens and lost a lot of warriors in the sea. Agamemnon has been killed by his wife and more unlucky events happened.

Until 1868 it was considered as a result of Homer’s vivid imagination. But in 1865 English archaeologist Frank Calvert excavated some trenches on his new bought land in Hisarlik, Canakkale. He found some evidence to prove that the Trojan War has really happened. He told German businessman, archaeologist or better known as a treasure hunter Heinrich Schlieman about his excavations. Later on Schlieman started to excavate the same area and found Troy but with his amateur methods, he destroyed most of the ancient city. He revealed several cities built in Troy. Now most layers of Troy revealed but not all of them.

Troy city has 9 layers dating back 3000–2600 BC. The first city on the site founded in the 3rd millennium BC. The excavations are still going on.