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Sirince is a village just a few km’s away from Selcuk. The original name of this village was Kirkinca. In time it changed into Kirkince, Cirkince and Sirince in the end. It is a Greek/Turkish village, but the Greek population of the village moved to Greece in 1922 after the population exchange between Greece and Turkey. There are remains of 42 churches in and around Sirince and it is a Government protected area. Especially the two churches in village center  are very well protected.

In 431 AD., during the 3rd General Council meeting on the principles of Christianity, it was said that Virgin Mary was buried in Sirince. When Virgin Mary was living in Ephesus, the people of Sirince used to send her supplies by secret means. Also it is said that they brought her Sirince after she died and buried her in a cave in Sirince. It couldn’t be proved.

Sirince is very famous with natural products like olive oil and fruit wines.